Restaurants: St. Jack, Portland, Oregon

Portland doesn’t exactly strike you initially as a petite corner of France in the Pacific Northwest. Then again, like France’s two largest cities, Paris and Lyon, Portland is divided by a central river, splitting the city into west and east, as opposed to the Left Bank and the Right Bank. Yes, Ken’s Artisan Bakery bakesContinue reading “Restaurants: St. Jack, Portland, Oregon”

Cocktail of the Week: Heaven’s Kickback, Kask, Portland Oregon

Let’s talk about celery for a second. That probably lost hundreds of readers instantly.We all know about it’s bitter, funky, watery taste, along with the crunch when you bite into it, often accompanied by some shreds that get stuck between your teeth. It takes more calories to eat celery than you’ll actually consume in theContinue reading “Cocktail of the Week: Heaven’s Kickback, Kask, Portland Oregon”

The Cocktails of Portland– On Kask or in a Beaker and Flask

The commonly referred to trinity in drinking circles is the so called French trinity of spirits: calvados, cognac, and armagnac. Then there is the much more vague trinity that encompasses essentially the entire range of options at a bar: the cocktails, the wine, and the beer. Most cities have a real strength in one ofContinue reading “The Cocktails of Portland– On Kask or in a Beaker and Flask”

Beer of the Week: Adam Old World Ale from Hair of the Dog, Portland, Oregon

Let’s not mess around. Adam is a serious beer. As luxurious as a truffle shaving, as powerful as a stampeding rhinoceros, as refined as the court at Versailles. The hops are intense, yet not disturbing or obtrusive. The malts shine through glancing off the palate, then making room for a touch of floral and honey.Continue reading “Beer of the Week: Adam Old World Ale from Hair of the Dog, Portland, Oregon”

Cruising With Portland’s Craft Brews

Years ago sitting in the dark, cozy corner next to the darts board of the Horsebrass Pub on Southeast Belmont, I sampled my first Portland microbrew. It was the Hair of the Dog Blue Dot IPA on draft. Upon opening sip, I realized that this isn’t AAA beer territory. This is The Big Show. HairContinue reading “Cruising With Portland’s Craft Brews”

Wine of the Week: Utopia 2009 Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley, Oregon

It’s hard to pick among the world class Pinot noir at winery after winery when visiting the Willamette Valley. Then you stumble upon a royal, rich Pinot noir that also boasts the youthful excitement of a recent graduate. 2009 can be young for Pinot noir, but this Utopia Estate version is bursting with a vibrantContinue reading “Wine of the Week: Utopia 2009 Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley, Oregon”

A Tasting of Seattle Micro Brews

Unlike later in the week in Portland where on average two microbreweries were covered per day, Seattle boasted so many other (often non food and drink related) sights to see that only the exceptional Fremont Brewing Company’s tasting room was the only one visited. Even despite best attempts, some of Seattle’s best craft brew barsContinue reading “A Tasting of Seattle Micro Brews”

Espresso Tasting in the Emerald City of Espresso

Vivace or Victrola? We’ll cut to the chase. Both are very worthwhile espressos. In fact, both are easily some of the finest espressos served in this country without a doubt. They’re both more nuanced, woody, and with spectacular cremas that only the true barista masters and highest caliber of beans can accomplish. Espresso of thisContinue reading “Espresso Tasting in the Emerald City of Espresso”

Monday’s Neighborhood: Central-West Burnside, Portland, Oregon

The Ace Hotel and Powell’s Books are anchors of Portland life, and the anchors of this once very grungy, now on the border of  rough edges to gentrified stretch of Central West Portland, where the main artery Burnside divides the Northwest and the Southwest. Between 10th and 11th Avenue, Powell’s is truly a city ofContinue reading “Monday’s Neighborhood: Central-West Burnside, Portland, Oregon”

Tuesday Project: Jambalaya Time!

As the onslaught of Portland and Seattle articles are finally reaching the end (almost…), we’ll be heading out to New Orleans next, switching microbreweries for sazeracs and espresso for beignets and cafe au lait. Which got me thinking about creating a New Orleans dinner. With a little help from Emeril Lagasse and John Besh (ofContinue reading “Tuesday Project: Jambalaya Time!”