Wine of the Week: 2010 Durin Pigato, Liguria, Italy

It’s time to head back to Italy for this week’s notable wine. That means it’s time to learn about another new obscure grape that you probably have never heard of from a region you’ve heard the name of, but don’t know where in Italy it actually is located. Liguria, of course best known as theContinue reading “Wine of the Week: 2010 Durin Pigato, Liguria, Italy”

Greetings from…Austin!

Dallas and Houston are the enormous, Texas-sized metropolises. They’re both in the list for 10 most populated regions of the country. They get the headlines. They have the professional sports. They have major urban problems and major urban glamour. Yet, neither is generally considered the food and drink capital of Texas. That would be theContinue reading “Greetings from…Austin!”

Tuesday’s Project: Pane all’ Olive, Jim Lahey’s Olive Bread

Jim Lahey, the brilliant baker and founder of New York’s Sullivan Street Bakery and its sibling pizzeria Co., you would think would have a ridiculously complex recipe for his signature bread. Listening to some of the foremost boulangers in Paris and reading their recipes for baguettes, and hearing a master pizzaiolo from Naples talk aboutContinue reading “Tuesday’s Project: Pane all’ Olive, Jim Lahey’s Olive Bread”

Plat du Jour: Monday September 24, 2012: Five Fig Ideas and Obama the Eater

Much attention has been lavished upon President Obama and the White House’s home brewing unit…the most highly coveted beer now in the world, easily over Pliny the Elder. I only had to wait five hours in line last year for the latter. I’m doubting I’ll be tasting the White House beer…you never know though, becauseContinue reading “Plat du Jour: Monday September 24, 2012: Five Fig Ideas and Obama the Eater”

Monday’s Neighborhood: Pearl Brewery Complex, San Antonio

It’s fascinating to see the variety of old buildings who were thriving factories a century and now have been completely remodeled and spruced up for retail and often culinary purposes. You see your old steam powerhouses become nightclubs. Old carriage houses hold salons. Warehouses now seem to always become cozy bistros and artist ateliers, unlessContinue reading “Monday’s Neighborhood: Pearl Brewery Complex, San Antonio”

Greetings from…Dallas!

Big D. The Metroplex. DFW. However you prefer to refer to the sprawling urban-suburban-rural region of Northern Texas where skyscrapers nudge up to huge swaths of empty fields and McMansions, the eating is Texas-sized exciting here in the nation’s 9th most populated metropolitan area. As Frank Loesser immortalized in his classic show tune from “TheContinue reading “Greetings from…Dallas!”

Beer of the Week: Tartare Sour Berliner Weisse, Bear Republic Brewing Co., Healdsburg, CA

What a great name for a soft, easy to drink at 4% ABV beer. Usually tartare evokes raw beef, bloody rare. It’s not usually a bucolic term. This tartare evokes sunny days in the California Wine Country, or this time of year, a perfect session beer to carry you through hours of Oktoberfest oompah bands.Continue reading “Beer of the Week: Tartare Sour Berliner Weisse, Bear Republic Brewing Co., Healdsburg, CA”

Tasting Notes from Healdsburg

At the meeting point of four major wine growing valleys, Healdsburg boasts no shortage of wineries to visit and tasting rooms to sample at in town and out amongst vines. Fortunately, the traffic of Napa’s Highway 29 hasn’t yet found its way to the Russian River Valley, the Dry Creek Valley, the Alexander Valley, andContinue reading “Tasting Notes from Healdsburg”

Tuesday’s Project: Summer Isn’t Officially Over, So Grill Flank Steak

It might already feel like it should be time for the World Series and in some parts of the country the foliage has even begun. But the calendar has not hit September 21 yet. So even if it feels like summer left long ago, it’s still summer. Hold off on the root vegetables and theContinue reading “Tuesday’s Project: Summer Isn’t Officially Over, So Grill Flank Steak”

Restaurants: State Bird Provisions, San Francisco

Pancakes, quail, and cheesecake are a bizarre trio to be the showstoppers of a sizzling new, highly innovative restaurant trying out a truly ambitious concept. State Bird Provisions, the slightly less than a year old establishment from the husband and wife team of chef Stuart Brioza and pastry chef Nicole Krasinski, is certainly unlike anyContinue reading “Restaurants: State Bird Provisions, San Francisco”