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The 12 Best Restaurant Meals of 2012

In a year with close to 312 meals at deserving addresses, here are the top 12 restaurants of 2012. Obviously, this not a comprehensive list of the 12 best restaurants in the world. I’m not a Michelin “inspector.” Or am I? In some cases, these were the best meals because of a special occasion being celebrated. In all cases, they are the dozen restaurants where the trio of accomplished food, enjoyable atmosphere, and affable service shined brightest, leading me to leave the restaurant wanting to return again and again as a regular.

Restaurant Ö, Talinn, Estonia

Restaurant Ö, Talinn, Estonia

Is there a unifying trend? I could say they all focus on local, sustainable ingredients, with that being the theme of kitchens worldwide in 2012. Except I’m not sure some of these dozen do focus on that. They all do have excellent service, but not necessarily in a “we’re your close friend” way. Just visit Pushkin. They do all have memorable atmospheres, ranging from the minimal and barren to the opulent and elegant.

Most importantly, these are restaurants that present exceptional meals. That is why we so love restaurants after all, isn’t it? The chefs and service staff care that you have a memorable time with them.

In the next week, we’ll take a look at the 12 sips and bites that stood out most in 2012, along with looking towards the future for 2013 (and a review of the esteemed silver medal winning restaurant in this article). For now, let’s take a look back at what certainly was the most memorable year of dining in my lifetime.

Cheers to the hard work, remarkable creativity, and love for the dining art of the chefs and staff at these restaurants… your effort certainly was immensely appreciated!

 Bar Tartine's Smørrebrød

12. Bar Tartine, San Francisco (more…)