Greetings from…San Diego!

San Diego often plays the calmer supporting role to its flashy marquee headliner big brother Los Angeles an hour to the north. San Diego sprawls– but it doesn’t sprawl to the extent of the San Gabriel Valley. San Diego has professional sports– but the Padres and Chargers have never been the Dodgers and Lakers. SanContinue reading “Greetings from…San Diego!”

Restaurants: Azul Condesa, Mexico City

It’s always striking to think about how basic, yet profound some of the world’s most revered dishes are. A croissant isn’t a whole lot more than crescent shaped butter. Well then, you try making one at home. Sushi is fish with rice, whether it’s from a supermarket in Topeka or right next to the seaContinue reading “Restaurants: Azul Condesa, Mexico City”

Mexico City Bites: Tacos al Pastor at El Huequito

During my food writing days in Los Angeles, I spent many nights driving from taco truck to taco shack to taco truck, across East L.A., near Downtown, and all over Mid-City, sampling often very common renditions of street tacos. Sometimes a lengua taco would stand out, other times it might be a cabeza specialist, orContinue reading “Mexico City Bites: Tacos al Pastor at El Huequito”

The New Café: Where Biking and Jogging Meets Coffee

Not long ago, a coffeehouse was, well, just a coffeehouse. Think “Central Perk” from “Friends.” Think about the coffeehouses that dot university towns, with stressed out students sprawled out on couches and fliers covering every inch of the walls. A coffeehouse was a meeting place and a place for reading. As time went by withContinue reading “The New Café: Where Biking and Jogging Meets Coffee”

Restaurants: Pujol, Mexico City

It’s profound to think about the changes in gastronomy since Escoffier’s 19th Century heyday, an evolution that the master chef himself would probably warm up to over time after expressing initial ghastly disapproval. There are the initial, on-the-surface changes that are very easy to point out: where art thou white tablecloths, tuxedoed waiters, and dinersContinue reading “Restaurants: Pujol, Mexico City”

Mexico City Bites: Churreria El Moro

Churros and chocolate deserve more publicity. They don’t necessarily compliment each other, like say peanut butter and chocolate or red wine and chocolate, because you are combining sugar with more sugar when the churro is dunked into the hot chocolate cup. That’s why in Spain the churro comes usually without sugar. Mexico seems divided betweenContinue reading “Mexico City Bites: Churreria El Moro”