Your Table is Ready


With or without a reservation, grab a seat and order at Trev’s Bistro an innovative approach to the gastronomic world’s relationship with society. Here, you can order a cocktail recipe or a glass of Sancerre review to begin, an appetizer of cooking projects, a main course of dining out stories, a dessert of culture reports, and a nightcap of culinary insight, as we discover the importance of how food and drink make our diverse cities and neighborhoods unique.

Together, we’ll learn from their successes, continuing to examine the important rapport  between food and culture can change our world, table to table, city to city. New ideas, new discoveries, fascinating knowledge, and of course, lots of chocolate mousse and burrata.

Trev’s Bistro was created by and is edited and (mostly) written by the San Francisco based wine and food writer Trevor Felch. Felch has also served as a dining critic in Los Angeles and Paris, along with extensive culinary travels throughout the U.S., Europe, South America, and Japan. His primary research specialty is classical French cuisine and the history of formal dining in Europe.

Whether for a three course meal or a quick espresso, please, follow me, your table is ready! À la santé!

Follow Trevor on Twitter @TrevorFelch

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  1. Martha Karrebæk

    Hi Trevor, I have a copyright question for you. Could I ask you to contact me?

    May 8, 2013 at 12:02 am

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