Welcome to Trev’s Bistro!

On this beautiful first day of Spring, I wanted to welcome everyone into Trev’s Bistro! Reservations are not necessary though for peak times you probably should consider one.

I’m Trevor Felch, a former French major student at Claremont McKenna College where I served for 2 years as our newspaper The Student Life‘s dining critic and online food and drink writer. Trev’s Bistro is a continuation of what I set out accomplish with our coverage in Claremont. Like a cozy cafe in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, Trev’s Bistro will have a little bit of everything and serve multiple purposes, all with the goal of highlighting the achievements and exciting ideas of chefs, along with conducting our own reserch, making our own mistakes and learning from them, and sharing fascinating ideas to enhance meals on tables worldwide.

It’s a lofty aim but perhaps like James Stewart attempted to do in “It’s a Wonderful Life,” we can lasso the moon too if we want to. Over the next few weeks I’ll be attempting to make the sight more exciting visually with photos and tweaking with the design. My professional experience lies not anywhere in food, but actually acting and sports and news broadcasting, so the dream is for audio and television to play a big part on Trev’s Bistro’s menu. Last year for my senior thesis La Déformalisation de la Restauration, the Decline in Formality in Restaurants since the Mid-20th Century, allowed me to examine our current culinary culture in comparison to our preceding decades of the fusion 1990’s, the Howard Johnson/Jacques Pépin 1960’s, the Moosewood/Chez Panisse 1970’s…I certainly hope to have fascinating features from myself and other food scholars as we dissect the past, analyze the present, and look forward to the future.

The central focus of Trev’s Bistro will each day’s “Plat du Jour,” where in the mid afternoon I will feature links or ideas or musings or major events that I have decided on from the earlier part of the day, much like a chef shopping in the morning and crafting his menu afterwards. Mondays will examine food and beverage rich neighborhoods and the personalities behind them. Tuesday is my turn in “The Project” to attempt to cook. That will be interesting. Wednesday’s Wine and Beer takes a look at an interesting bottle or vineyard or brewer. Thursday’s will bring the week’s formal review of an important, “destination” restaurant, along with the cocktail of the week to prepare you for the weekend. And Fridays will tie up the week with the best bites and sips of the past 7 days, along with a quick restaurant review wrap.

Of course, like at any decent bistro, there will be several daily specials. Articles by my friends and colleagues will certainly find air time, as will other restaurant reviews, cooking projects, and travel articles.

Please, pull up a chair, browse the menu, raise a glass, and enjoy your meal!


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Exploring the globe in search of what gastronomy means in the homes, restaurants, wineries, breweries, and distilleries that help make each day a little brighter and delicious for us. What makes a certain dish or certain cafe particularly successful? What makes poutine an iconic dish of Québec and cioppino the same for San Francisco? À la santé! Let's learn, discover, and of course, enjoy some wonderful meals together!

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