Bites of the Week

O.k., so this really is the bites of last week, but since there were so many last week in Kauai and not too many this week, we’ll make this a Kauai only edition. If only I could go back for more of these…

Banana Joe’s: Banana- Pineapple Frosty

A fascinating, completely healthy icy treat where a super juicer turns frozen pineapple and banana into the most vibrant tasting soft serve like refresher.

Bar Acuda: House cured Chorizo with Grilled Apples

Too many of the tapas underwhelmed, but not this excellent, spicy charcuterie, full of meaty depth, acceneted perfectly by the sweet, soft apples.

Josselin’s Tapas Bar and Grill: Kekaha Shrimp-Duck Confit Taco with Papaya Salsa

Josselin’s creativity on perfect display with juicy shrimp, tender meat, and a shell that holds up without being too strong.

Josselin’s: Slow Cooked Butterfish with Stir Fried Vegetables and Soy Mirin Reduction

And here we have Josselin’s deft skill with fresh fish creating a marinated, soft beyond compare butterfish. This is a toss up with the mahi mahi in a nori vinaigrette. A masterful preparation.

Lappert’s: Kauai Pie Flavor in Chocolate Macadamia Nut Waffle Cone

Roll call please. Coconut flakes. Kona Coffee. Chocolate. Macadamia nuts. Vanilla cake crunch. It all equals an unstoppable, very rich ice cream flavor.

Puka Dog: Polish Sausage with Papaya Relish

The sausage is juicier than usual and the papaya relish perfectly compliments it. The perfect lunch in paradise.

Roy’s: Blackened Ahi Tuna Sashimi with Spicy Soy Mustard and Beurre Blanc

The classic ahi preparation, with pristine, thin medallions of ruby red ahi, over the invigorating sauces.

Roy’s: Lemongrass Kaffir Lime Mahi Mahi with Forbidden Rice, Green Papaya Namasu, and Kaffir Lime Tamarind Coconut Curry

So Roy’s has two incredible standards, so I chose a third: this roller coaster of a ride entrée, blasting with kaffir lime flavors, and a curry of Waimea Canyon depth.

Roy’s: Melting Hot Chocolate Soufflé with Raspberry Coulis, and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Still, the liquid center chocolate souffle I measure all others by. Not too crispy on the outside is the key. The moment when the liquid center explodes is as exciting as your first kiss.

Tahiti Nui: Mai Tai

George Clooney approved local bar in Hanalei that makes the essential mai tai: just the right rum, nuttiness, and fruit, the perfect cocktail for paradise.

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