Bites of the Week

Some excellent dining the past week, as spring is now in full force.

Amberjack Sashimi with Seaweed, Black Trumpet Mushrooms, Ash, and Snap Peas

Amberjack, Seaweed, Ash, Black Trumpet Mushrooms Snow Peas at Aziza, San Francisco

Maybe not very Moroccan, but this de-constructed sashimi from Mourad Lahlou is similar to what you’d find at a 3 star Michelin sushi bar in Tokyo. The pure, clear flavors are dazzling.

Chairman Bao's steamed baos, spicy chicken is the one with yellow pickles

Spicy Chicken Steamed Bao with Toasted Sesame Puree, Cilantro, Carrot-Cucumber Pickles at The Chairman Bao Truck, San Francisco

There is spice to the fork tender chicken in a delightful, hummus like sesame seed puree, with some addicting pickles as a garnish.

Thrice Cooked Bacon on the right, Mission Chinese Food

Thrice Cooked Bacon with Rice Cakes, Tofu Skins, Chili Oil, Black Beans, Bitter Melon at Mission Chinese Food, San Francisco

The smoky bacon mingles with the sweet lily pads of rice, the funk of bitter melon, and some spice to round it out in the chili oil broth. An exceptional dish.

Krazy Krab Sandwich, AT&T Park, San Francisco

The Giants know how to build a ballpark and they know how to make some of the best and priciest ballpark food in the country. The Krazy Krab is quite simple, as a crab sandwich on toasted garlic sourdough bread. Paired with an Anchor Steam while watching Matt Cain pitch, this is baseball at its finest.

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