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Beer of the Week: Adam Old World Ale from Hair of the Dog, Portland, Oregon

Let’s not mess around. Adam is a serious beer. As luxurious as a truffle shaving, as powerful as a stampeding rhinoceros, as refined as the court at Versailles.

The hops are intense, yet not disturbing or obtrusive. The malts shine through glancing off the palate, then making room for a touch of floral and honey. Everything is enviably balanced and even at 10% abv, this is not knock you to the ground strong ale.

Adam would be perfect as a lingering afternoon sipper, an apertif, a digestif, or as a perfect match for a heartier meat. It really is a fine Bordeaux with the energy of a golden retriever. I’m not ashamed to say this might be the leading beer currently produced in our country.

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