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Wine of the Week: 2008 Kunde Reserve Century Vines Zinfandel, Sonoma Valley

From the nutrient rich soil creating some of the world’s most earthy, smooth Zinfandels comes this excellent offering from Kunde Family Estates, a fourth and fifth generation winemaking family in Kenwood, California. Luscious boysenberry and a touch of pepper spice, or even cumin adds tremendous depth to this perfect pairing with a rack of lamb, or even duck breast and confit, as was the case when enjoyed at Commander’s Palace Restaurant in New Orleans.

What struck me most about this lovely bottle was the smooth body, yet it was a hefty tannin rich wine. Everything came together, a beautiful expression of wine making and the terroir. Instead of being a stylized big body wine, this is a free-flowing wine that is allowed to really be itself. 2008 was a dry season for Sonoma, perhaps the reason why this well-rounded wine is ready to enjoy now, and very advanced for its relatively young age.

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