Plat du Jour: October 22, 2012: What The St. Louis Mayor Really Should Bet

Last week I mentioned the mayoral wager between San Francisco’s Ed Lee and St. Louis’ Francis Slay over whose team will win the National League Championship Series. If the Giants win, then St. Louis must send toasted ravioli, local barbeque, and “The King of Beers,” also known as Budweiser. If the Cardinals win, San Francisco must send to the Midwest some dim sum and Anchor Steam.

I wrote my thoughts on what really should be sent in both cases…I neglected to mention that it’s not Dungeness crab season in Northern California, so while the idea would be very symbolic of this region, sending crab as part of the wager would not be the best of ideas. Instead, St. Louis would receive some Hog Island or Tomales Bay oysters, and why not a filet of sand dabs too while we’re at it.

Now for the St. Louis perspective, our local correspondent there Eva Pearlstone chimed in on this Game 7 occasion with what she feels Mayor Slay should send to Mayor Lee. She also wanted to mention her displeasure at how the series has now turned slightly in favor of the Giants, she is still confident that Mayor Slay will win this wager and St. Louis can enjoy the San Francisco dim sum.

She says that gooey butter cake, toasted ravioli, Ted Drewes’ frozen custard, Budweiser, and St. Louis style pizza with provel cheese would be the classic foods and drinks of her city to send to San Francisco. I’m not so sure what gooey butter cake is, but I’ll take Ted Drewes any day. Eva also mentioned that she is not a fan of IMO’s, the city’s most well known St. Louis style pizzeria.

Perhaps in this wager the pizza would come from elsewhere. They need to start planning soon because we all know the Giants will be winning the pennant in a few hours and Mayor Lee will be this wager’s winner…

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