Happy Halloween!

“Harvey,” Trev’s Bistro’s Pumpkin

From your spooky friends at Trev’s Bistro, we wish you a most safe and happy Halloween!!! May it be full of wonderful cheer, costumes, and many tricks and treats.

So far, I’ve avoided the candy in favor of sampling more pumpkin ice creams, but a Snickers bar is staring me down from across the table.

Sorry Snickers, but in these parts, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups will always be the Halloween candy of choice until a candy with banana added to the dynamic chocolate and peanut butter comes to the candy store shelves. Kit-Kat, Crunch, and Twix all would tie for second with their excellent, consistent wafer-chocolate combination. For some reason I go for the candies without nuts despite my adoration for the chocolate covered macadamia nuts mentioned in the Smithsonian Magazine‘s look at regional candy favorites across the country.

Having lived in Ohio, I would love some of those buckeye candies shipped to me (much preferred to the local favorite It’s It).

What is the most frequently handed out candy this year for trick or treaters? Surprisingly, it’s Candy Corn.

We also want to send our best to those affected by Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast and we’d like to send you all packages of the magnificent Atlantic City saltwater taffy to help brighten your Halloween.

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

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