Negroni Week Finale: A Pair From Hinoki & The Bird

On this final night of May and final night of Negroni Week, why not conclude with a pair of winning Negroni variations from the restaurant reviewed on this site today, Hinoki & The Bird? After all, bar director Sam Ross and chef/owner David Myers have concocted a menu that includes a whole category of Negronis.

You can get the traditional Classic Negroni, or a “White Negroni” with Amère Sauvage replacing Campari and no hard spirit involved.

Kingston Negroni
Kingston Negroni

What you really want is the “Kingston Negroni,” a powerhouse adaptation with the deep caramel depth of the funky dark Smith + Cross Jamaican Rum in place of Gin. Gran Classico adds more sweetness and syrupy texture, replacing Campari. An orange twist adds a subtle citrus levity and a glacier size single rock makes this heftier cocktail refreshing.

Or, consider the “Harajuku,” far more starely and elegant than the Tokyo neighborhood its named after. Here, the spirit is Hakushu Single Malt Whiskey, then there is Gran Classico again, and Maurin Quina for the sweet element, all finished by a few drops of chocolate bitters. That last part breaks the 1:1:1 magic ratio of Negronis. I won’t be too strict on the rule since it’s a sterling drink.

Gordon's Cup; Harajuku Cocktail
Gordon’s Cup; Harajuku Cocktail

These are two excellent choices for closing out the week-long Negroni celebration on an innovative note. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the Classic Negroni either. You just can’t lose when it’s Negroni Week.

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