Greetings from…Copenhagen!

Copenhagen, Denmark, what an intriguing and important city in the world’s gastronomic landscape. The city itself is truly unique. There are dashes of Scandinavia intertwined with the quirkiness of Portland, Oregon, the flatness of the Midwest, the individual pride and creativity of San Francisco, and momentary flashes of New York and Tokyo subways at rushContinue reading “Greetings from…Copenhagen!”

Restaurants: Noma, Copenhagen

The pair of pine tree branches partially hides the caramelized spears of snow white asparagus, as if this image was deep in the heart of a far-off forest from a Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale. The moment is pristine and clear. A flurry of pine needles off the branch lay alongside the asparagus on oneContinue reading “Restaurants: Noma, Copenhagen”

Restaurants: Relae, Copenhagen, Denmark

Romaine lettuce is usually an afterthought, hardly the focus of a salad like its glitzier lettuce siblings Little Gems and mizuna night be. It almost seems romaine lettuce gets the adrenaline pumping like iceberg lettuce. Then after you’ve sampled around a bit in the restaurants of Copenhagen’s New Nordic cuisine generation that swept the cityContinue reading “Restaurants: Relae, Copenhagen, Denmark”