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The World Series: San Francisco vs Detroit, Dungeness Crab vs Coney Island Hot Dogs

The 2012 World Series is under way (1-0 Giants on a Pablo “Kung Fu Panda” Sandoval home run!) in San Francisco between the Detroit Tigers and the San Francisco Giants. As mayors of the cities participating in such important postseason series usually do, the mayors of San Francisco and Detroit have a friendly wager for this World Series.

Except there is a catch with this wager. Most of the time the wager involves the iconic foods of the participating cities, which was the case as we reported last week in the National League Championship Series between San Francisco and St. Louis (we’re enjoying the toasted ravioli, Budweiser, and St. Louis bbq here in the Bay Area now…).

San Francisco’s Ed Lee and Detroit’s Dave Bing instead will perform a day of community service in the victorious city. Lee would visit Detroit and talk to young people, along with tour a Chevy Volt factory (something Lee would probably be fascinated by knowing his love of new, environmentally friendly technologies). Bing would come to San Francisco to talk to youth in the Junior Giants program, along with tour some of the city’s many high-tech companies (perhaps Tesla in Palo Alto?).

If this isn’t San Francisco, I don’t know what is…

With the help of a Detroit born and Bay Area based colleague, we’ll take matters into our own hands for the imaginary food-side of this World Series wager. Dungeness crab or Coney Island hot dogs? (more…)