Restaurant Gary Danko, San Francisco

It is seldom seen today in 2012 for chefs to open restaurants with their name as the restaurant’s name, unless perhaps there is some clever twist (here’s looking at you Baker & Banker). To name a restaurant after yourself takes courage for chefs. It means you are the destination. Your cooking will be evaluated byContinue reading “Restaurant Gary Danko, San Francisco”

Le Plat du Jour: Tuesday March 27, 2012

Lots of rain in the San Francisco Bay Area recently, which makes you think of hearty comfort food. Filling food to keep you warm…and of course a pint of beer to wash it down. That must mean we are thinking of Czech cuisine! O.k., well most people don’t exactly think of Czech food with ItalianContinue reading “Le Plat du Jour: Tuesday March 27, 2012”

Monday Neighborhoods: 5th Ave. and Stetson, Scottsdale, AZ

The Phoenix metropolitan area is truly fascinating, rapidly becoming Los Angeles in everything from freeways and sprawl to a city so focused on suburbs that now has re-connected with its actual downtown core years later. Often when people imagine Phoenix, they actually imagine the cactus and palm tree landscapes of the resorts in Scottsdale. ScottsdaleContinue reading “Monday Neighborhoods: 5th Ave. and Stetson, Scottsdale, AZ”

Cocktails of the Week: El Presidente and the Moonraker from Bar Agricole, San Francisco

San Francisco’s now two year old Bar Agricole continues to break new ground, while remaining true to its heart as a modern urban tavern. Tavern? The James Beard award winning design inside and out on the patio where 350 days a year it’s too cool in the city to enjoy, are far from the tavernsContinue reading “Cocktails of the Week: El Presidente and the Moonraker from Bar Agricole, San Francisco”

ChoLon Denver

A city of tremendous contrasts, Denver has officially entered the big leagues of dining cities. Colorado’s capital resides physically at the intersection of the Midwest and the eastern slope of the great Rockies and its personality reflects that meeting point of being an old cowtown and a cosmopolitan major city with the highest population betweenContinue reading “ChoLon Denver”