The 13 Best Restaurant Meals of 2013

It’s hard to follow-up the formidable dining year that was 2012, with its list of heavyweights including The French Laundry and Noma. Remember, there have been many, many tremendous films over the years since the 12th edition of the Oscars celebrating the films of 1939. That year’s Best Picture winner was “Gone With The Wind.”Continue reading “The 13 Best Restaurant Meals of 2013”

Restaurants: Crudo, Phoenix, AZ

There are all sorts of lessons that the restaurant world should take note of from this dynamic hidden neighborhood spot along the busy Indian School Road thoroughfare at the border of Phoenix and Scottsdale, which I’m told is known as Arcadia. Before you delve further into the countryside paradise concept of Arcadia, this mini-mall filledContinue reading “Restaurants: Crudo, Phoenix, AZ”

“Beer” of the Week: White Chocolate Ale, Sonoran Brewing, Scottsdale, AZ

It’s not uncommon for a porter or a stout to present very noticeable chocolate notes. In fact, those two brew genres more often than not have the same repetitive duo in taste profiles: cacao and coffee. Yes, expert food and drink writers such as yours truly who can discern the most hidden of flavors, oftenContinue reading ““Beer” of the Week: White Chocolate Ale, Sonoran Brewing, Scottsdale, AZ”

Cocktail of the Week: Beet Yuzu Gimlet at Crudo, Phoenix, AZ

Is there anything more virtuous sounding than beet juice? Just think of the ills of the world that could be solved by drinking beet juice. So many nutrients could be acquired to brighten up so many days by pressing the violet juice out of those ugly, gnarly root vegetables. It seems like you could goContinue reading “Cocktail of the Week: Beet Yuzu Gimlet at Crudo, Phoenix, AZ”

The Bites of March

The Alembic, San Francisco:The Promissory Note cocktail A spectacular, mellow blend of Reposado tequila, dry vermouth, canton ginger liqueur, honey, and a brief bite from absinthe. Served up, this is everything you want from a cocktail: some spice, some sweet, some booze notes, all together refreshing and thought-provoking. Bi-Rite Creamery, San Francisco: Mexican Chocolate withContinue reading “The Bites of March”

Monday Neighborhoods: 5th Ave. and Stetson, Scottsdale, AZ

The Phoenix metropolitan area is truly fascinating, rapidly becoming Los Angeles in everything from freeways and sprawl to a city so focused on suburbs that now has re-connected with its actual downtown core years later. Often when people imagine Phoenix, they actually imagine the cactus and palm tree landscapes of the resorts in Scottsdale. ScottsdaleContinue reading “Monday Neighborhoods: 5th Ave. and Stetson, Scottsdale, AZ”