The 13 Best Restaurant Meals of 2013

It’s hard to follow-up the formidable dining year that was 2012, with its list of heavyweights including The French Laundry and Noma. Remember, there have been many, many tremendous films over the years since the 12th edition of the Oscars celebrating the films of 1939. That year’s Best Picture winner was “Gone With The Wind.”Continue reading “The 13 Best Restaurant Meals of 2013”

The 13 Bites That Defined 2013

What a year for eating. My first bites of the year were in a New Years Day early morning daze at Blue Star Doughnuts in Portland, Oregon (Valrhona Chocolate Crunch was the best amidst stiff competition. These were hands down the best doughnuts of a pretty doughnut-free year). If that’s how a year starts, thenContinue reading “The 13 Bites That Defined 2013”

Cocktail of the Week: The “Saladito,” The Varnish, Los Angeles

The Varnish doesn’t have a signature cocktail. You don’t need to when you’re arguably the most important cocktail bar of the decade or so old speakeasy- craft cocktail movement. It seems as if this hidden, but very well known Downtown Los Angeles and its chief mixologist Eric Alperin are to cocktail “best of” lists andContinue reading “Cocktail of the Week: The “Saladito,” The Varnish, Los Angeles”

Restaurants: Hinoki & The Bird, Los Angeles

We can all learn a few lessons about taking a step back and re-inventing yourself from David Myers. It hasn’t been an easy road for such an immensely gifted chef. If ever there was an example of how a chef must be both a businessman and innovative entrepreneur in the hyper competitive restaurant world ofContinue reading “Restaurants: Hinoki & The Bird, Los Angeles”

Plat du Jour: Tuesday April 16, 2013: How Do You Like Your Espresso & Major League Diets

On this spring Tuesday afternoon, we’ll give you an espresso jolt with this excellent and very thorough comparison of “Third Wave” espresso with the classic Italian espresso, courtesy of Erin Meister at Serious Eats. Yours truly is a classic “Third Wave” coffee drinker, consuming one of these types of espressos each afternoon (or many moreContinue reading “Plat du Jour: Tuesday April 16, 2013: How Do You Like Your Espresso & Major League Diets”

Plat du Jour Friday April 5, 2013: Would You Like To Make A Reservation For Your Reservation?

A few weeks have passed since the restaurant world’s hot button issue du jour revolved around the supposed “tyranny” of tasting menus, where the writer Corby Kummer accused chefs in the February Vanity Fair of killing the liberty in the ¡a la carte restaurant experience. It was an intriguing accusation and one many diners understood.Continue reading “Plat du Jour Friday April 5, 2013: Would You Like To Make A Reservation For Your Reservation?”

The Bites of Los Angeles in Late Autumn

With winter lingering just a week away, it’s almost time to bid adieu to the fall. Of course, nothing speaks of the autumnal spirit of crisp winds and spectacular foliage than the 70 degree sunshine and swaying palm trees of a late November day in Los Angeles. Here now, on display the spectacular creativity ofContinue reading “The Bites of Los Angeles in Late Autumn”

Staying Awake on the Freeway: Coffee in Los Angeles

Los Angeles doesn’t strike you as a coffee town like its rainy Pacific Northwest friends Seattle and Portland, or its foggy neighbor San Francisco to the north might. The sun is always shining. The temperature hovers in that 65-75 degree sweet spot seemingly year round. Hence there is no need for a warm-up mocha, right?Continue reading “Staying Awake on the Freeway: Coffee in Los Angeles”

Restaurants: Ink, Los Angeles

In today’s television driven culture, what exactly constitutes being, every food writer’s favorite term, a celebrity chef? In the young days of chef television, there was the Food Network constantly, and then chefs teaching Diane Sawyer and Matt Lauer new recipes on morning news programs. These were a highly select group of gifted restaurant chefsContinue reading “Restaurants: Ink, Los Angeles”

Plat du Jour, December 5, 2012: Los Angeles and Plate Sharing

Having written about Los Angeles dining for a few years during the pop-up restaurant and food truck boom, it was great to visit the sprawling freeway-filled metropolis recently and  see what the latest fads are in the continually changing city. Often in these parts, what is in vogue at 8 am is no longer whatContinue reading “Plat du Jour, December 5, 2012: Los Angeles and Plate Sharing”