Cocktail of the Week: “The Yellow Kid” from Local Edition, San Francisco

The latest concept from the minds behind some of San Francisco’s premier bars is a real headliner. The group, Future Bars, runs bars that run the entire gamut. There is a small, reservations only speakeasy in the dicey Tenderloin, complete with a hidden speakeasy within a speakeasy (Bourbon & Branch, Wilson &Wilson), a large happyContinue reading “Cocktail of the Week: “The Yellow Kid” from Local Edition, San Francisco”

Plat du Jour: Wednesday August 29, 2012: Noteworthy End of August Dishes From Texas BBQ to Flour + Water

It has been ages since we last presented a dishes of the week segment. Amidst the travels around the U.S. and Europe, here are some recent highlights from San Francisco. This being the week before Labor Day, how about some good ol’ Texas barbeque too from the capital of bbq in the Lone Star State,Continue reading “Plat du Jour: Wednesday August 29, 2012: Noteworthy End of August Dishes From Texas BBQ to Flour + Water”

Restaurants: Farallon, San Francisco

What happened? That’s all our table could say at the conclusion of a recent dinner, shrugging our shoulders and staring into the marine fantasy world that is San Francisco’s ever popular Farallon Restaurant. The powerhouse trio of architect Pat Kuleto, chef Mark Franz, and pastry chef Emily Luchetti opened Farallon in 1997, and despite moreContinue reading “Restaurants: Farallon, San Francisco”

Restaurants: AQ, San Francisco

Barbeque pork with shelling beans and corn bread speaks of hot, lazy summer days. With a glass of lemonade in hand and Vin Scully narrating baseball on the radio, here you have the glorious season where the days are long, the nights are warm, and the fields and orchards thrive. Summer means water balloon fightsContinue reading “Restaurants: AQ, San Francisco”

Cocktail of the Week: Fool’s Wager, AQ, San Francisco

Many of my good friends refer to the spirit driven cocktails I often order as “brown drinks.” Whether intensely smoky from mezcal or bitter from amaro or elegantly strong from bourbon, these drinks tend to not branch too far from the central spirit à la martinis and manhattans. Then there are the apertif drinks thatContinue reading “Cocktail of the Week: Fool’s Wager, AQ, San Francisco”

Beer of the Week: Pacific Brewing Laboratory’s Nautilus Hibiscus Saison

Pacific Brewing Laboratory might sound like a craft brewing operation from the Stanford Linear Accelerator, but actually is the result of dedicated home brewers Bryan Hermannsson and Patrick Horn. The pair started brewing in their garage and now the lab’s concoctions can be found at numerous craft brew bars in San Francisco. I first sampledContinue reading “Beer of the Week: Pacific Brewing Laboratory’s Nautilus Hibiscus Saison”

Monday’s Neighborhood: 9th Avenue and Irving, Inner Sunset, San Francisco

The Sunset District of San Francisco doesn’t see the sunset too often with the near constant fog that blankets the neighborhood, especially this time of year. Indeed, the most common description to this area of the city is not about its diverse culture. The usual response has something to do with wearing ski jackets andContinue reading “Monday’s Neighborhood: 9th Avenue and Irving, Inner Sunset, San Francisco”

Restaurants: Nojo, San Francisco

The barely year old Nojo is a labor of intense focus restaurant for the young chef/owner Greg Dunmore. After years as the chef de cuisine at Ame, the grand, swanky dining room of San Francisco’s St. Regis Hotel, learning under the tutelage of one of the country’s pioneering East-West cuisine chefs Hiro Sone, Dunmore struckContinue reading “Restaurants: Nojo, San Francisco”

Restaurants: Baker & Banker, San Francisco

No, Baker & Banker is not a law firm. That’s the first impression every diner has upon learning of this charming 2 1/2 year old restaurant run by husband and wife tandem Jeff Banker and Lori Baker. He runs the finances and she runs the baking. In reality, at least half of that is actuallyContinue reading “Restaurants: Baker & Banker, San Francisco”

Where To Drink in San Francisco for the U.S. Open

Continuing in the same theme from our guide to dining for this weekend’s U.S. Open at the Olympic Club in San Francisco, here are the 18 holes of beverages for (after) watching a round of golf. Hole 1: Speakeasy Brewery Possibly creating the best beers currently in San Francisco’s rapidly emerging craft brew scene, youContinue reading “Where To Drink in San Francisco for the U.S. Open”