Monday’s Neighborhood: North Park, San Diego, CA

Sunny San Diego’s beach communities, from tony La Jolla to Sea World’s Mission Bay,  and Downtown’s Gaslamp Quarter core receive most of the national press as the city’s main destinations. Mission Bay isn’t exactly a whole mot more than the place to spend quality time with Shamu, but the other neighborhoods do have their worthwhileContinue reading “Monday’s Neighborhood: North Park, San Diego, CA”

Monday’s Neighborhood: Kapalua, Maui

On this late April Monday, it’s snowing in Denver and still crisp Autumn weather in the Northeast. Spring hasn’t quite got the message yet that it was supposed to start a month ago (meanwhile it’s summer already in California). Which of course then makes us think of Mai Tais and beaches in the tropics. Honolulu’sContinue reading “Monday’s Neighborhood: Kapalua, Maui”

Monday’s Neighborhood: Highlands, Denver, Colorado

Tucked on a somewhat steep slope across the roaring Platte River just northwest of Downtown Denver, the Mile High City’s 250 acre Highlands neighborhood is possibly the new epicenter of what is a Boomtown today for dining and drinking. Long ago we discovered that Denver’s restaurant culture status as a “Cowtown” of old west steakhousesContinue reading “Monday’s Neighborhood: Highlands, Denver, Colorado”

Monday’s Neighborhood: Help Restore Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York

This week’s neighborhood of the week exemplifies the meaning of a neighborhood– where strangers come together to help one another in tines of trouble. Brooklyn is full of many impressive restaurant and bar-rich neighborhoods, many of which have been greatly affected by Hurricane Sandy, along with so many other neighborhoods of New York City andContinue reading “Monday’s Neighborhood: Help Restore Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York”

Monday’s Neighborhood: Dogpatch, San Francisco

Last week we covered the ballpark district around San Francisco’s AT&T Park, where the baseball crowds, diners enjoying some of the city’s premier restaurants, start-up venture workers who occupy slivers of renovated warehouses with no heat, and computer programmers who fill airy loft office spaces mingle together for one of the country’s most dynamic neighborhoodsContinue reading “Monday’s Neighborhood: Dogpatch, San Francisco”

Monday’s Neighborhood: At&T Park, San Francisco

Halloween is still over a week away, but you can certainly tell with today’s articles that orange and black is certainly on the mind of Trev’s Bistro. Tonight is of course Game 7 of the National League Championship Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the San Francisco Giants at At&T Park in San Francisco.Continue reading “Monday’s Neighborhood: At&T Park, San Francisco”

Monday’s Neighborhood: Pearl Brewery Complex, San Antonio

It’s fascinating to see the variety of old buildings who were thriving factories a century and now have been completely remodeled and spruced up for retail and often culinary purposes. You see your old steam powerhouses become nightclubs. Old carriage houses hold salons. Warehouses now seem to always become cozy bistros and artist ateliers, unlessContinue reading “Monday’s Neighborhood: Pearl Brewery Complex, San Antonio”

Monday’s Neighborhood: Valencia Street, Mission District, San Francisco

You won’t go hungry or thirsty or uncaffeinated anywhere on Valencia Street in San Francisco’s Mission District. The street is the new symbol of the Mission’s recent surge in popularity (and rent prices), as the gritty aspects of the district evolve into boutiques, colorful shops, and of course, restaurants. Like its cross-country sibling Williamsburg, Brooklyn,Continue reading “Monday’s Neighborhood: Valencia Street, Mission District, San Francisco”

Monday’s Neighborhood: The Plaza, Healdsburg, CA

At the convergence of four different major wine growing regions, Healdsburg can be considered Wine City USA. And yes, none of those wine regions are known as the Napa Valley. It is at this not-so-quaint feeling quaint town where the Alexander Valley to the north, the Dry Creek Valley to the west, the Russian RiverContinue reading “Monday’s Neighborhood: The Plaza, Healdsburg, CA”

Monday’s Neighborhood: Westheimer, Houston, Texas

For those of us who meticulously hand select specifically where we dine and drink when visiting a new city, we often don’t even take into account where a restaurant or bar actually is located. I happened to select Hugo’s, Feast, Anvil, and the Hay Merchant as destinations to visit. I had no idea that theyContinue reading “Monday’s Neighborhood: Westheimer, Houston, Texas”