Monday’s Neighborhood: Kapalua, Maui

On this late April Monday, it’s snowing in Denver and still crisp Autumn weather in the Northeast. Spring hasn’t quite got the message yet that it was supposed to start a month ago (meanwhile it’s summer already in California). Which of course then makes us think of Mai Tais and beaches in the tropics. Honolulu’sContinue reading “Monday’s Neighborhood: Kapalua, Maui”

Beer of the Week: The Beers of Hawai’i

Hawaii conjures thoughts of mai tais, guava juice, pina coladas, maybe even pineapple wine from Maui. But beer? When we go to the beach, we want to look trim and fit from coconut water diets, not the beer belly gut. However, it can’t get much better than a can of Maui Brewing Co.’s Big SwellContinue reading “Beer of the Week: The Beers of Hawai’i”