Monday’s Neighborhood: 9th Avenue and Irving, Inner Sunset, San Francisco

The Sunset District of San Francisco doesn’t see the sunset too often with the near constant fog that blankets the neighborhood, especially this time of year. Indeed, the most common description to this area of the city is not about its diverse culture. The usual response has something to do with wearing ski jackets andContinue reading “Monday’s Neighborhood: 9th Avenue and Irving, Inner Sunset, San Francisco”

Monday’s Neighborhood: Silver Lake, Los Angeles

Nestled quietly just northwest of Downtown and right outside of Chavez Ravine from Dodger Stadium, Silver Lake is one of those non-glamorous, mostly middle class neighborhoods that nearly every major city has, but nobody ever envisions flashy, expansive Los Angeles to have. Los Angeles doesn’t do subtlety. Somehow, Silver Lake has powered along to becomeContinue reading “Monday’s Neighborhood: Silver Lake, Los Angeles”

Monday’s Neighborhood: Bellavita, Taipei, Taiwan

This time last year I was sipping a mai tai inside of a New York inspired cocktail bar inside of a Las Vegas influenced Italian palazzo shopping center in Taipei, Taiwan. Indeed, that mash up of cultures envelops the senses inside the Bellavita Shopping Mall, which in theory is not a neighborhood in a civicContinue reading “Monday’s Neighborhood: Bellavita, Taipei, Taiwan”

Monday’s Neighborhood, Magazine Street in Uptown New Orleans

Between the Garden District to the east and Audobon Park to the west, Magazine Street has become the go to destination for galleries and boutique shopping in New Orleans, a 180 degree turn from the shops and bars of the French Quarter. Fortunately for shoppers and everybody else, Magazine Street happens to be a topContinue reading “Monday’s Neighborhood, Magazine Street in Uptown New Orleans”

Monday’s Neighborhood: Central-West Burnside, Portland, Oregon

The Ace Hotel and Powell’s Books are anchors of Portland life, and the anchors of this once very grungy, now on the border of  rough edges to gentrified stretch of Central West Portland, where the main artery Burnside divides the Northwest and the Southwest. Between 10th and 11th Avenue, Powell’s is truly a city ofContinue reading “Monday’s Neighborhood: Central-West Burnside, Portland, Oregon”

Monday’s Neighborhood (on Wednesday): Fremont, Seattle, WA

Seattle is an intriguing city where the outside neighborhoods of its limits are indeed still part of Seattle, yet each so individually distinct that they really are their own city. Nobody says the Ballard “part” of Seattle or the “north” of Seattle when referring to Wallingford. Perhaps, it is because they are across the waterContinue reading “Monday’s Neighborhood (on Wednesday): Fremont, Seattle, WA”

Monday’s Neighborhoods: Fenway Park/Kenmore Square, Boston

I still claim that the Fenway Frank is the premier regular hot dog in baseball. 81 afternoons and nights a year (hopefully 10 or so more with the postseason too) Fenway Park fills up with its 37,000 plus capacity of the Red Sox Nation making the pilgrimage to one of sport’s most quirky and excitingContinue reading “Monday’s Neighborhoods: Fenway Park/Kenmore Square, Boston”

Monday Neighborhood: Washington Street, Yountville, CA

Claiming that Yountville is a world class city for food and wine is as innovative as proclaiming that Paris is a world class city for art. Yountville, really a small town instead of a city, boasts a population of barely over 3,000. It also boasts a population of six Michelin stars, three of which areContinue reading “Monday Neighborhood: Washington Street, Yountville, CA”