The World Series: Food Edition. Boston vs St. Louis, Ted Drewes vs Toscanini’s

Here we go, it’s late October again, which can only mean three major subjects at Trev’s Bistro: Pumpkin everything, Halloween candy, and the World Series: Food Edition. Last year San Francisco defeated Detroit handily for food & drink. Then the Giants followed suit with a baseball sweep. However for the Super Bowl in early February,Continue reading “The World Series: Food Edition. Boston vs St. Louis, Ted Drewes vs Toscanini’s”

Tuesday’s Project: Two Comfort Recipes for Tonight

Tonight wherever you may be, we all need some comfort cuisine during these tragic times. More than any other night, this evening seems perfect for two classic Boston icons: a bowl of clam chowder and some Indian Pudding for dessert. We may be thousands of miles away from New England, but hopefully comfort food suchContinue reading “Tuesday’s Project: Two Comfort Recipes for Tonight”

Boston Restaurants Giving a Helping Hand

Here is an ongoing thread of Boston restaurants that are currently having or planning fundraisers for those affected by yesterday’s tragedy and the heroic first responders who helped save so many other lives. Many thanks to Easter Boston for putting together this list and to the many chefs and restaurateurs volunteering their precious time andContinue reading “Boston Restaurants Giving a Helping Hand”

Monday’s Neighborhoods: Fenway Park/Kenmore Square, Boston

I still claim that the Fenway Frank is the premier regular hot dog in baseball. 81 afternoons and nights a year (hopefully 10 or so more with the postseason too) Fenway Park fills up with its 37,000 plus capacity of the Red Sox Nation making the pilgrimage to one of sport’s most quirky and excitingContinue reading “Monday’s Neighborhoods: Fenway Park/Kenmore Square, Boston”