Plat du Jour: Great American Bakesale Day and Zombies Drink Coffee

Happy weekend everyone!

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the heart of spring, whether outside, or on the plate.

Today is a great day to get out and buy some baked goods for an excellent cause. Across the country, Share Our Strength, a charity fighting childhood hunger, bake sales are taking place to help raise funds for the charity. One in five children in this country suffer from hunger, a tragic ratio that must be fixed. Hopefully these wonderful bake sales can do at least a little bit to help this terrific cause.

I’ll have more Monday on the immensely talented and caring eighth grader holding the bake sale in our home town. She might not be in high school, but she cooks with the the force and skill of Pierre Hermé. For fourteen hours yesterday, her kitchen was a flour and sugar blur with cookie pops being wrapped, banana bread, in the oven, and every conceivable kind of cookie cooling on the racks. With the organization going into this event and the amazing quantity and quality of the baked goods, this is a truly amazing undertaking for such a good cause. I’ll certainly be enjoying the desserts from today for many days to come.

Desserts ready to go

To close the week, one of my favorite trends today is seeing how exciting food and drink pop ups are literally sprouting up everywhere. Today, you can find sensational delis inside the most “Shining” looking motel and award winning pastry chefs selling baked goods on street corners at rush hour.

How about stellar, micro roasted coffee, inside…a running store? In Palo Alto, CA, the Zombie Running Store has a tiny coffee and espresso kiosk where the beans are micro roasted in nearby Mountain View just for them to use and sell by the bag. The espresso I tried this week was beautiful, with perfect crema, and slight woody notes, served strangely in what almost was a glass shot glass.

The scenery of this coffee pop up? Running shoes, shorts, those peculiar five toed barefoot socks-shoes that just fit your toe perfectly, and various Nalgenes surround you as you sip a latte. This is not a hipster coffeehouse of the third wave or a Starbucks-Peets laptop room, though the coffee is every bit of the nouvelle géneration third wave.

Do coffee and running mix? On trips I often run to cafes to sample the coffee…and run a lot quicker on the amped up return trip. One thing for sure: both coffee and running turn zombies into energized, revitalized humans ready to get things done today.

Running store or not, this is superb coffee.

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