Tuesday’s Project: Barbequed Ribs, Missouri-Style

Regional cooking variations debates are intense– stay away– was one of the first pieces of advice I received as a food intern at a San Francisco newspaper. Trying to say the merits of this pizza versus this pizza or this form of carnitas taco compared to the next will always evolve into a debate ofContinue reading “Tuesday’s Project: Barbequed Ribs, Missouri-Style”

Sazeracs, Hurricanes, Ramos Gin Fizz: Challenges with Cocktails in New Orleans

If you want a terrific cocktail, get away from the French Quarter is what I learned. For a city known for inventing and perfecting so many classic cocktails, from the basic Sazerac to the often complicated (or very basic) Hurricane, finding a worthwhile cocktail or beer from a bar not named Cure or affiliated withContinue reading “Sazeracs, Hurricanes, Ramos Gin Fizz: Challenges with Cocktails in New Orleans”

Plat du Jour: June 8, 2012: Paris Is The New Brooklyn and the California Foie Gras Countdown

It’s the end of the week, graduation time, summer is almost here (officially that is), and that glorious time of the year when fresh produce are bountiful everywhere, with tomatoes preparing to emerge in a little over a month. What a great weekend for barbeque dinner and a stone fruit compote over ice cream! OrContinue reading “Plat du Jour: June 8, 2012: Paris Is The New Brooklyn and the California Foie Gras Countdown”

The Cocktails of Portland– On Kask or in a Beaker and Flask

The commonly referred to trinity in drinking circles is the so called French trinity of spirits: calvados, cognac, and armagnac. Then there is the much more vague trinity that encompasses essentially the entire range of options at a bar: the cocktails, the wine, and the beer. Most cities have a real strength in one ofContinue reading “The Cocktails of Portland– On Kask or in a Beaker and Flask”

Cruising With Portland’s Craft Brews

Years ago sitting in the dark, cozy corner next to the darts board of the Horsebrass Pub on Southeast Belmont, I sampled my first Portland microbrew. It was the Hair of the Dog Blue Dot IPA on draft. Upon opening sip, I realized that this isn’t AAA beer territory. This is The Big Show. HairContinue reading “Cruising With Portland’s Craft Brews”

A Tasting of Seattle Micro Brews

Unlike later in the week in Portland where on average two microbreweries were covered per day, Seattle boasted so many other (often non food and drink related) sights to see that only the exceptional Fremont Brewing Company’s tasting room was the only one visited. Even despite best attempts, some of Seattle’s best craft brew barsContinue reading “A Tasting of Seattle Micro Brews”

Espresso Tasting in the Emerald City of Espresso

Vivace or Victrola? We’ll cut to the chase. Both are very worthwhile espressos. In fact, both are easily some of the finest espressos served in this country without a doubt. They’re both more nuanced, woody, and with spectacular cremas that only the true barista masters and highest caliber of beans can accomplish. Espresso of thisContinue reading “Espresso Tasting in the Emerald City of Espresso”

Two Innovative Portland Icons, Two Iconic Dishes

It’s hard to say what dish truly represents the eclectic nature of Portland, Oregon’s dining scene. It could be a bacon maple bar from Voodoo Doughnuts, an cult favorite long before bacon in desserts was in vogue. It could be a salmon dish prepared in the capable hands of Greg Higgins, quite possibly the fatherContinue reading “Two Innovative Portland Icons, Two Iconic Dishes”

Tales of Seattle’s Cocktail Bars

Coffee by morning, beer by day, cocktails by night is how the drinking rolls in the Emerald City. Or so it seems with their impressive number of espresso baristas pulling top notch shots, mighty micro breweries such as Fremont and Schooner Exact providing refreshing and bold ales and lagers, and at night the cocktail shakersContinue reading “Tales of Seattle’s Cocktail Bars”

The Week After: Thoughts on 2012 James Beard Awards, Plus The New Reviewed New York

It has been a week since the 2012 James Beard Awards and courtesy of a splendid fun, food, and drink filled week exploring Seattle and Portland, we were unable to quickly analyze the proceedings and winners last Monday night in New York, as we were busy dining at some of the restaurants of the winnersContinue reading “The Week After: Thoughts on 2012 James Beard Awards, Plus The New Reviewed New York”