Negroni Week Finale: A Pair From Hinoki & The Bird

On this final night of May and final night of Negroni Week, why not conclude with a pair of winning Negroni variations from the restaurant reviewed on this site today, Hinoki & The Bird? After all, bar director Sam Ross and chef/owner David Myers have concocted a menu that includes a whole category of Negronis.Continue reading “Negroni Week Finale: A Pair From Hinoki & The Bird”

Restaurants: Hinoki & The Bird, Los Angeles

We can all learn a few lessons about taking a step back and re-inventing yourself from David Myers. It hasn’t been an easy road for such an immensely gifted chef. If ever there was an example of how a chef must be both a businessman and innovative entrepreneur in the hyper competitive restaurant world ofContinue reading “Restaurants: Hinoki & The Bird, Los Angeles”

Negroni Week Thursday: The Power of Punt e Mes

Thirsty Thursday of Negroni Week brings the power of Punt e Mes to the table. What in the world is Punt e Mes? Does it have to with football special teams or rowing in British terms? Punt e Mes is a common substitute for sweet vermouth in cocktails, both Negroni inspired and not. It’s aContinue reading “Negroni Week Thursday: The Power of Punt e Mes”

Negroni Week: Aged, On Tap, or the Boulevardier

Negroni Week continues with an experimental Wednesday if you will. You’ve made the Negroni as smoky as Kansas City BBQ and made it molto Italiano by replacing sweet vermouth and Gin with Cynar and Fernet Branca. Now let’s head to the lab/ barrel room. Of the many liquids Portland, Oregon is known for excelling atContinue reading “Negroni Week: Aged, On Tap, or the Boulevardier”

It’s Negroni Week! Start with the Bottecchia

It’s that time of year again! No, I’m not referring to the fact that with Memorial Day yesterday the summer grilling season is (un)officially upon us. Our friendly bartenders across the country who are as obsessed with the Negroni as I am have officially deemed this final week of May as Negroni Week. Why not?Continue reading “It’s Negroni Week! Start with the Bottecchia”

Wine of the Week: 2011 Forlorn Hope Wines, Alvarelhao, “Suspiro del Moro,” Silvaspoons Vineyard, Alta Mesa, CA

There are a lot of double takes wine drinkers have when they consider this beautiful wine from an obscure grape by a tiny young 1,000 case strong California winery. Where is Alta Mesa? Do a Google search and the first result will be a memorial park (which happens to be located across the street fromContinue reading “Wine of the Week: 2011 Forlorn Hope Wines, Alvarelhao, “Suspiro del Moro,” Silvaspoons Vineyard, Alta Mesa, CA”

Plat du Jour Thursday May 23, 2013: Writing on the State of Food Writing

Food writing and writers have been the topic of choice this week for an industry that usually focuses on what’s on your plate or in your glass. Layoffs have been everywhere in this continuing to downsize and outsource economy. The media is no exception, including food and drink print media. On this pre- Holiday weekendContinue reading “Plat du Jour Thursday May 23, 2013: Writing on the State of Food Writing”

Spring Cooking: Fava Beans with a Nice Chianti (Or Quinoa)

Over the past few weeks we’ve examined all sorts of spring produce, from rhubarb to strawberries to artichokes to asparagus and beyond. You haven’t heard much in the way of ramps over here since the West Coast doesn’t have them. We aren’t so, um, rampant about ramps if you will, like in the Midwest orContinue reading “Spring Cooking: Fava Beans with a Nice Chianti (Or Quinoa)”

Dining for Oklahoma Tornado Relief

In the aftermath of the tragic tornado yesterday in Moore, Oklahoma and Oklahoma City, Eater National has put together an ongoing list of restaurants nationwide who are conducting fundraisers or donating proceeds from meals to help the victims of this disaster. Please take a look to see if a restaurant or shop near you isContinue reading “Dining for Oklahoma Tornado Relief”