Restaurants: Aviary, Portland, Oregon

Pig ears are an awfully polarizing ingredient. We openly embrace pork belly and look the other way when it comes to questioning our beloved bacon. But, eating an ear? Seriously, isn’t that only something Mike Tyson would do? Only people who own tigers would eat ear, even if it’s a pig ear, right? Being suchContinue reading “Restaurants: Aviary, Portland, Oregon”

Restaurants: The French Laundry, Yountville, CA

At the quiet corner of Washington Street and Creek Street in the peaceful Northern California town of Yountville resides hallowed gastronomic terrain. No, even though this is the heart of the most revered Wine Country in the New World, this intersection is not the home of coveted Cabernet Sauvignon terroir. Go a mile north toContinue reading “Restaurants: The French Laundry, Yountville, CA”

Restaurants: Ink, Los Angeles

In today’s television driven culture, what exactly constitutes being, every food writer’s favorite term, a celebrity chef? In the young days of chef television, there was the Food Network constantly, and then chefs teaching Diane Sawyer and Matt Lauer new recipes on morning news programs. These were a highly select group of gifted restaurant chefsContinue reading “Restaurants: Ink, Los Angeles”

Restaurants: Spago, Beverly Hills

This being Los Angeles, the story must be enthralling in a grand, cinematic mystique sort of way, full of glamour, plot twists, and complete re-models externally and internally. No, it’s not a Raymond Chandler era, Los Angeles story. For that, head up north to Hollywood Boulevard for a definitive martini at Musso and Frank’s, completeContinue reading “Restaurants: Spago, Beverly Hills”

Restaurants: SPQR, San Francisco

You know a restaurant’s importance in the common vernacular of a city when the initials which make up the restaurant’s name are the medium for learning the abbreviation of one of history’s most important and powerful empires. I remember visiting a friend from San Francisco studying in Rome  a few years ago. With no knowledgeContinue reading “Restaurants: SPQR, San Francisco”

The 200th Article: Restaurants: Range, San Francisco

In the daunting world that is the restaurant industry, the few restaurants that succeed beyond their first half decade have clicked with some specific formula. The formula might be as a tourist trap where the attraction is an enormous aquarium wall, or it might be about the exciting nature of a completely changing menu dailyContinue reading “The 200th Article: Restaurants: Range, San Francisco”

Restaurants: Rich Table, San Francisco

Rich Table is a new neighborhood restaurant opened by a husband and wife couple who previously worked at some of San Francisco and New York’s premiere gastronomic destinations, and now have opened a more casual restaurant with an emphasis on seasonal and local ingredients. Tell me something new. Well, yes, in theory Rich Table isContinue reading “Restaurants: Rich Table, San Francisco”

Restaurants: Central Kitchen, San Francisco

There’s no need to compare Central Kitchen with its smash hit pasta and pizza centric older sibling a block away, Flour + Water. The pair are owned by the same chef, Thomas McNaughton and his group ne timeas, and both have a razor sharp focus on the caliber of ingredients and preparations. That’s about it.Continue reading “Restaurants: Central Kitchen, San Francisco”

Restaurants: State Bird Provisions, San Francisco

Pancakes, quail, and cheesecake are a bizarre trio to be the showstoppers of a sizzling new, highly innovative restaurant trying out a truly ambitious concept. State Bird Provisions, the slightly less than a year old establishment from the husband and wife team of chef Stuart Brioza and pastry chef Nicole Krasinski, is certainly unlike anyContinue reading “Restaurants: State Bird Provisions, San Francisco”

Restaurants: Farallon, San Francisco

What happened? That’s all our table could say at the conclusion of a recent dinner, shrugging our shoulders and staring into the marine fantasy world that is San Francisco’s ever popular Farallon Restaurant. The powerhouse trio of architect Pat Kuleto, chef Mark Franz, and pastry chef Emily Luchetti opened Farallon in 1997, and despite moreContinue reading “Restaurants: Farallon, San Francisco”