Bites of the Week: Maybe The Best Pasta of My Life?

Oenotri, Napa, CA: Fidei with Smoked Mackerel, Tomato, Cream, Shellfish Brodo, and Hot Pepper Fidei is essentially capellini pasta, commonly seen in the Ligurian region of Italy, often paired with that other specialty of Liguria: pesto. Curtis Di Fede and Tyler Rodde create some of the most innovative pastas anywhere, and none more so thanContinue reading “Bites of the Week: Maybe The Best Pasta of My Life?”

End of the Week Wrap

A relatively quiet week after a food and wine filled weekend in the Napa Valley. Here are some of the other places visited the past few days, in addition to Oenotri in Napa reviewed yesterday and a certain Yountville restaurant (no, it doesn’t rhyme with The Bench Fondly) that will be reviewed next Thursday. Gott’sContinue reading “End of the Week Wrap”

Restaurants: Oenotri, Napa

Downtown Napa is hopping these days. What once was a mere stopping off point on the road to the wineries and destination restaurants further north in the Napa Valley has become a dining destination every bit on par with heavyweights St. Helena and Yountville. The Napa River’s waterfront boasting Morimoto’s flagship, Tyler Florence, and, theContinue reading “Restaurants: Oenotri, Napa”